Briefly in English

High Peak Finland Oy is one of the leading companies in Finnish business gift and promotional product market.

We are an experienced and well-deserved expert organization. Our product and service portfolio offers the means to meet all needs and situations, with the strongest brands and e-commerce solutions. Our business is based on finding core solutions that we tailor to customers without any restrictions on industry or size. We have identified three areas of activity in our business: customer and promotional gifts, event products and brand products.

Our slogan "Bright ideas. True colors." Is a promise of our unfailing ability and determination to always seek new, refreshing and appropriate ways to remember corporation associates. It is also a message for both our customers and ourselves to be proud of the colors of our organization and to do the best to achieve common success.

As a solution-oriented professional, we positively respond to each and every challenge, so our communication shines through inspiration - we want to encourage our customers to try out new ways to look and see opportunities instead of threats.

We are also part of the international WAGE Group, which is a network of companies specializing in advertising products.  As members, they accept only one of the leading players in each country. Thanks to our membership, we have access to the global database and we are among the first to get the best ideas from around the world.

High Peak Finland Oy in a nutshell

  • Founded in 1998
  • Showrooms in Tampere, Espoo and Pori
  • Own graphic department and warehouse
  • Business areas: customer and promotional gifts, event products and brand products
  • Custom made production
  • Exclusivity brands
  • Amer Sports Finland Oy's partner in Suunto, Salomon and Wilson's BtoB sales
  • WAGE and PSI member
  • As customers, companies, associations, public sectors and even merchandise concepts